Plumber Mesa AZ

Plumber Mesa AZ - It was over 40 feet away from the condo in a rental condo. It turned out that the issue was not in the condo. It was over 40 feet away from the condo in a drain that is, technically, under control of the HOA. So, the HOA's plumber had to clear the line and handle the repair. Well, Lawson didn't charge us ANYTHING for the job because they couldn't solve the problem. I'm amazed! That is incredible Plumber Mesa AZ customer service. I will tell everyone I know about this company. That's a level of service that's hard to find anymore.

Plumber Mesa AZ

Thanks Lawson! company! I called them on a Saturday and they had a plumber on-site within one hour. Their technician worked for four hours trying to solve the drainage problem in a rental condo.


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