Plumber Tape

We thought it was important to let you know that, Plumber Tape is wrapped around a pipe's thread three times before it is screwed into place. It is commonly used commercially in applications including pressurized water systems, central heating systems, and air compression equipment. • The Teflon™ brand identifies products that are made with Chemours raw materials, like fluoropolymer or industrial coatings. For extra assurance, liquid sealant can also be added to the tape’s surface before connecting the two pipes. Plumber Tape, Although “Teflon” is technically a brand name that is now used universally much like Band-Aid, any tape labelled “PolyTetraFluoroEthylene” or “PTFE” will suffice.
Plumber Tape
Wrapping one pipe’s male threads in tape creates a smoother surface with more lubrication, thus allowing it to reach further into the second pipe’s female threads.Teflon tape is used to reduce the risk of leaks when connecting metal pipes along plumbing or fuel lines.


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